Jada Fraser’s Research Featured in recent CSIS Article

News | November 12, 2021

Jada Fraser, former undergraduate fellow at the Clements Center, co-authored “The Case for U.S.-Japan-ROK Cooperation on Democracy Support in the Indo-Pacific Region” with Nicholas Szechenyi and Hannah Fodale at the Center for Security and Intelligence Studies (CSIS). The latest commentary argues for opportunities where the U.S., Japan, and South Korea (ROK) could cooperate to strengthen democracy in the region despite the two U.S. allies’ historical tensions. These areas of cooperation include legal and judicial development, women empowerment and gender equality, and partnerships with ASEAN countries, such as Indonesia, each of which maximizes the respective ally’s resources and strengths. The states’ shared interests and common democratic values should reinvigorate trilateral cooperation not only in the region but in the international arena as the Biden administration prepares for a global summit on democracy.

Image: Kyodo News